Thursday, August 14, 2008

My morning practice

This cat is relaxed. She loves it to be carressed. She cannot get enough.

I thought of my focus before I went to the shala: the breath ( inhaling pause exhaling pause). My intention was to make the inhaling equally long as the exhaling.
I fought today. It is much for me, these intensive practices every day (and the pranayama class with asanas 1 hour later). Or have I only forgotten to let go, to let it happen. I will remind myself tomorrow to relax. I know: all is coming without fighting.

This will be my focus tomorrow: I will let the breath, the gravity do the job. I will observe.

Today I had no Yogini on my left side and no Yogini on my right side. It was wonderful. Sounds not so nice, but it is true. I prefer a bit of distance, especially when the yogis are unattentive. But we have both sorts of yogis here: the attenive ones and the sleeping ones.

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