Wednesday, August 13, 2008

At the shala this morning

The goal is to be in the now, was my motto today.
The experienced Ashtangi practitioners among us know what this means. I could only go from breath to breath. To think of the whole series would have been too much for me. To have so many intensive practices leads me to my limits. I am no more 20.

It was again a sweaty practice. I thought of my pranayama teacher: Your deep and long breathing while you are doing the asanas, prepares you for pranayama practice and meditation.

I tried to breathe deeply and evenly, with a little pause between the both. Like every day S. helped me to drop down to urdhva dhanurasana from standing position. Will I ever be able to do it alone?
The woman from Signapore encouraged me today. You must want it, so badly. Yes, I want it so badly. Perhaps not badly enough? She did not care to fall on her head, I do. :)


Andrew said...

Great photos, please keep them coming.

Tracy said...

yes..this is the place where i bought all of my bananas! and made a phone call or two as well :0)!

Marc said...

My yoga instructor always ends his class with the following:

For reality is what is.
Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow an expectation. The past and future do not exist, only the now. Live in the now, have your experience in the now and until we meet again,stay well, namaste.

Marie said...

Hi Ursula,

Will you explain exactly what you do for pranayama? What makes a round?

I want to do it, but I want to learn from your learning.


Monica said...

Nice! Nice! Nice!

You already know that I appreciate your blog a lot.

cheers Monica

mangotree said...

I went to my first Ashtanga class yesterday and I think I salute you and all the other Ashtangis out there. It is hard work, but it is also great. And I will definitely do Ashtanga from now on and maybe even write about it on my blog.

Ursula said...

Thank you all.

Yes Marie, I will describe my pranayama sequence when it will be over. Then I will have more time.

Hi Liza, Ashtanga yoga IS difficult in the beginning. Do not give up, there is a chance that you will love it one day. :)