Wednesday, July 02, 2008

With Sharath

I switched on the CD by Sharath this morning. It helped me to start, but very fast I was almost totally absorbed by my practice. I lack strength, so after the standing poses I practiced without CD, my very won rhythm led me further through the asanas.

Urdhva dhanurasana is difficult. I didn't try to drop back from standing position. I tried to walk the hands closer to the feet. At least I wanted to indicate it, but it was more, feet and hands approached a bit.

Shower and then I got busy:
I picked up some drugs for my bf from the pharmacy.
I picked up my clothes from the dry cleaning shop.
I went to the bank and ordered Rupies.
I made a wire transfer.
I cancelled my daily newspaper.

It seems as if it is nothing, but nothing is done quickly.

What else is to do? I have to set priorities.
My bf (I could shoot him to the moon) needs more drugs, have to go to his doctor first.
Then I will meet S., she was in Mysore already. I haven't seen her for months. This is pure fun.
I need a health insurance, I have to fill in the form, I have to copy and mail it.
I HAVE to do my tax declaration.

And then cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
At 9 I will have to pack my suitcase for Paris. I will only need the small one.

Fun now. S. I'm coming.

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