Monday, July 28, 2008

Sharath life

Yesterday at 4 p.m. was the conference. I walked down the street on time and what did I see: Cara parking her motoroller. How wonderful. I expected to see her and it is so nice that this became true. Later we went out to an Indian restaurant, this is worth a post of its own. Cara is an experienced Indian traveller. :)

First the conference: So many yoginis gathered in front of the shala till we all were allowed to get in. We sat all on the floor and after a while Sharath came in. He sat down on the floor, too (he did not use the huge chair on the podest) and started the conference with a short prayer.

He talked about the breath and the dristis and how important they are. He has to mention it he said, because there were always new students.

Sharath is a man with a lot of humor. Almost every question was answered in a way that we all could laugh. His approach to yoga is serious and funny at the same time. I am very much impressed.

The questions went so far that one woman asked if she were allowed to go to the shale when she had ladies holidays without practicing.
Sharath: No, the men could become jalous. Laughter.

Another question was how often one should eat. This is in my humble opinion a question that is asked because people are not aware. The body knows when there is hunger. But people want rules, rules, rules.
Sharath answered with a story: Do you know what a man is who is eating once a day? A yogi.
Do you know what a man is who is eating twice a day? A boghi (I do not know what a boghi is).
And do you know what a man is who is eating three times a day? A rolling man. And do you know......and so on.
They eat in the early afternoon. And after lunch 12 chappati. Laughter.

I excuse myself in advance. I am not sure if I report everything correctly I struggle to understand the Americans and I struggle to understand the Indians. So it is. Sometimes I understand even the opposite.

Another question was if one should practice twice a day.
Sharath: Is once a day not enough for you? Laughter. When still having energy we should help other people.

I was really impressed. Sharath seems to be a very self-confident man with a lot of humor.

The last words I can remember:

No pain, no gain.
Keep practicing.


jogas said...

Hi Ursula... I'm in Mysore as well.. I'm not sure if I've seen you around already but surely we'll bump into each other soon. How long will be here for?


Ursula said...

Hi Jon,

I arrived 3 days ago and I will stay 2 months.

Would be nice to meet you in person.