Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The red rose

Yesterday when I came home from my adventures, I found a red rose on the table next to the bowl where the leaves of a rose swim in water. The cleaning woman wanted to make me a joy. How sweet. I held on with my life and enjoyed it. Of course I put 10 Rupies under the rose. Communication takes place in many forms.

(Of course I give tips whenever I can, but that is nothing. The trip becomes more expensive than expected because I like to have a bit of a luxury - red roses for instance. I still stay at the Green Hotel and this makes my life comfortable here. Next month I will move to a room close to the shala).

Before travelling to India I read some books as a preparation: culture shock India i.e. It become clear that it is almost impossible to understand the people and the country.
I thought a few things are international: It is "thank you", "please" and a smile. And this is what I say and do a as often as possible. So far that was a very good idea.

.......and the message of a red rose is international, too.

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