Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Practice this morning

In the shala the air is hot and wet. This makes my body rather bendy. I had another wonderful practice this morning despite my sore throat. Everything gets better. I sweat like never in my life.

I have not yet found out why the people change their places during their practices, but I will find out.

But something else I have found out, a very important rule. It is an absolute "no", to greet people. Absolute silence is required. Today I met a very nice woman in the changing room, where people do the closing sequence. I know her already and I like to have a tea with here. I scarcely whispered : hello. She made a sign to me not to talk at all. Another woman, too pretented not knowing me. I got the message. Silence in the shala. Focus is the practice and not other people.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making it to India!! If you have a sore throat, you are in the best possible place to get a remedy!!! Go to the Ayurvedic clinic and voila! they will give you something. It's not like having to go to a doctor in Germany to get medications that are toxic. These are herbal tonics and good for you and inexpensive too!
Go for need not suffer in India!

Ursula said...

Oh thank you. I appreciate your tip very much. Yes, I have a cold and it is not so pleasant.

I will find the Ayurvedic clinic.


Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
I think the reason they might change places during practice is that they might be trying to fill the spaces up front as people close their practice. At least that is what my teacher does and he follows the Mysore method. Also, there are some people who are given preference for their spot because of the number of years that they have been practicing there, but that is another story, not related to why people change places.