Sunday, July 27, 2008

My morning today

I had this delicious breakfast this morning: fresh pinneapple juice, so good, a fruit salad consisting of a small banana, sweet melon, fresh pinneapple and coffee. :)

I wrote my jounal there and then I practiced: pranayama, meditation and yoga.

Yesterday I really wondered what I was searching here, why I was here. But I remembered:
It is the yoga. And I had a wonderful practice this morning.

Meditation: Sometimes thoughts come up of stories of my past, things that really happened. But sometimes thoughts accompanied with feelings come up that the mind invented. No matter if a story was already lived or not, it seems to be the same.

Yesterday in the evening I felt a bit (only a little bit) alone. The first time since I am here. So I decided to go the the restaurant of the Green Hotel to have dinner with all the other guests, which are only a few. I had very delicious food, really. When I left the table I greeted the people of the neighbour table. I have seen them already the other days. I said: Good night. And exactly at that moment the lights went off again. Power problems here. The man: You should not have said this. Me: You are right. We exchanged then the usual infos: Where do you come from? How long do you stay? It all happened in a very dark restaurant. We could only hear each other.

I am glad that I know my room now even when it is dark.

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