Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mousse au chocolat

Je suis à Paris.
I arrived.

This morning I got up at 4 and this was an easy exercise. As usual I was too early at the airport. Finally I sat in the airplane and in less than 2 hours I was in Paris. I took a taxi to the hotel. A soon as I was in the hotel room I also was on the soft bed with the white linen. After 10 min somebody knocked on the door. It was my boyfriend to give me a hello kiss and hug. So nice. He interrupted the important conference, because of me, to say hello.

Then I slept again. Deep. Till I felt cold. In the meantime it was already lunch time. I left the hotel in search of a nice French restaurant. There were many restaurants everywhere. Of course I ordered a glass of red wine (un couvert) and tomatoes as a starter, potatoes and grean beans as the main course. It's still difficult here to get vegetarian meals. The waiter couldn't convince me to take the thuna at least, so that I had something. And then I couldn't resist. It had to be the mousse au chocolat. It was all perfect.

In France I have to go shopping. Sizes are smaller here than in Germany and the clothes fit me. I found sexy prices everywhere. In France the low prices are sexy. So I bought some sexy pair of trousers, a sexy dress and a sexy jacket.

What's nicer than to sit down in a cafe, outside, watching people.
I had a perfect day.

And this evening we will go out. A. will be with us. She is married to an Indian man and lives in Mumbai. I'm sure she will give me some tips for my trip. We will see her later this year in India again.

What a life.

And tomorrow in the morning at 10 (this is in France the morning) yoga time. Yesterday in the evening (this was my last act yesterday) I already announced via email that I would like to practice in the yoga studio here. In the morning I got the code for the door - via email as well. Communication was never so fast (around the globe) than nowadays. I'm very happy and relaxed in the here and now.

PS: I found a job offer in my inbox right now. I regret it so much, I'm not available. :)
Picture: Paris, the view at the first table, while we were having breakfast.


Janine said...

Ah oui, Paris, c´est magnifique, n´est-ce pas? J'ai visité Paris en avril pour fêter mon anniversaire, avec mon copain, et nous avons eu un séjour très, très agréable!!!
Vous habitez où??? "Holiday Inn Paris République" peut-être? C'est l'hotel où j'ai habité à Paris, et ils ont un magnifique mousse au chocolat au café ("Pyramid au chocolat" - mmmhhhh).
Il y a beacoup de restaurants à la Place de la République et nous avons choisi un different chaque soir. Et nous avons visité tous les attractions, decouvert beaucoup de magasins et nous faisons beacoup de "shopping" et sommes retournés à Munich très fatigues mais très inspirés ...
Bon sèjour!

Nirmala said...

Wow you really painted a beautiful picture of Paris. I really wish you luck there.
Si tu parle un peu de francais ca t'aidera beaucoup!!

If you ever feel to check out my site please vas'y!!

Jill Forrest said...

Hi, Would you like to join our yoga social network at Would be great to have you with us and maybe some of my students would like to see your blog here if you post a link.

Nirmala said...

Thank you Jill. Very nice to meet you in cyberspace. It would be an honor to join your yogababy network.
I'll see you there. Keep writing blogs. They are great to read.