Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It is all there, I must only open my eyes

Yes Tracy, I was at the "Silver Nest" yesterday. And I have some beautiful toe rings now. I love them.

But from the beginning: How is shopping in India? Some families here around the shala have shops for the yoginis. They sell important things like shawls, silver jewellry in their houses or in the garage. When the front door is open one can enter. So I put my shoes off and entered the "Silver Nest". Only the husband was there, but he wanted to show me the jewellery. Very soon I found a few very nice toe rings. I asked what they cost and he told me the price. Is this a fixed price, I asked and he said yes. So I paid, we exchanged some more sentences and then he gave me incences as I present. I thanked him and drove home.

At home I wanted to smell them, but I did not know how to illuminate them. I walked around in my room and there I saw a lighter. It was there all the time and I have not seen it. I have not seen the incence holder, too. Look, I thought, it is all there, I must only open my eyes. The incences are very very good. I chanted aum, while they were burning. It is my substitute for listening to the radio. A good substitute.

Later I ate at the Green Hotel this spicy vegetable something. I caugh, my throat is sore. Yes, I feel ill. Damned. I hoped that the meal would help. Later I took an Aspirin. Now I have only one more Aspirin. :( Then I must suffer, or Cara knows perhaps where I can get it.


Tracy said...

her husband is so gentle and sweet! i'm glad you met him and hope you can see meena before you leave as well!
xxoo (tell her hello from me!!)

Ursula said...

I have said "hello" from you already. :)