Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Is this for fishing?"

At the security check in Norway:

"Is this for fishing?" The woman at the security check pointed at my yoga bag.

"No, this is my yoga mat." I answered with a smile.

We both had to smile about this misunderstanding.

But back to the beginning of our trip to Norway:

It was very early in the morning, but finally the suitcases were packed, when I heard a sound. It was my meditation clock, that was buzzing in my suitcase. I had to open it again, I switched off this important spiritual tool and then I was ready to go. Buh.
To travel means to carry heavy and bulky suitcases, it means to stand in line with many other people. There is pushing and pressing everywhere. Airports are overcrowded nowadays. It means to get bad food on the plane.
I could already predict that the stewardess had to come at least twice to tell my bf to switch off the PC, when in the plane. In earlier times I repeated the words to the stewardess, but nowadays I close my eyes. It's not my game.
To travel means to organise everything, cars must be rented, hotels booked, money needs to get changed and so on.

To travel means to get out of the comfort zone.
I like to travel.

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aurel iordache said...

Hello Ursula .Iam .I have read your Yoga blog and i havethought to send you some spiritual words .so ,there you are: ALELUIA HARTO DOXA IXUS ,KA-HRIST-THEOS ,KATA-LICUS ,AMIN. So be it ,forever ,by 3 Times in the name of Trinity Traditional God .I wish you happinies also by 3 time :psihically,physically and spiritually in name of Father,and Son and Holly Spirit Amin.With respect Aurel(married) from Brasov-Romania-CHRITYAN-ORTODOX.