Monday, July 28, 2008

"I am responsible......

for the rooms and the laundry.......This man is responsible for the Rikshas. " OK, I understood. It was the same in my last company.

"OK, I have a question regarding the laundry. Do you wash the clothes with a machine or with hands."
"We wash the clothes with the hands." The man at the reception showed me with his hands how they do it."
"And do you throw the clothes on stones?" (I have seen this here already and I thought with fear of my beautiful clothes)
"No, not all clothes we throw on the stones."

I have to wash my clothes on my own. I suspected it already. A yogini told me already to take soap and not washing powder.

I really don't know, why I am not afraid when being in a Riksha. Cows, horses, pigs, busses, pedestrians, bicycle drivers, cars, Rikshas, all drive on these roads (construction needed urgently). No rules exist, not a single one. And I sit in the Riksha and relax. I do not understand it.
Papa, he actually spells like this, took me to a bookstore today. There I met some yiginis. I feel always a bit better when I meet Western people. Now I have a map and a cooking book. Later I bought plastic shoes. But Papa also knew where I can get best oils. So we went to another shop. He wanted to usher me in the back room. No, no, no, I said. He: Come, come. Then I saw a few Western people sitting on a sofa rather relaxed. So I l went to the room with these men. And I met really good business men. They had the description of the oils even in German language. That surprised me. They also wanted to sell me something against wrinkles. "What do you think how old I am?" I asked him. "45 " he said shyly. He was good.. So now I have oils (against wrinkles, for soft feet, against sore throat), too. And I have perhaps a good business contact. Could be.

Papa knows a lot of places. Today I will pay him. I am curious what he wants.
Oh, it is getting dark. I hope he is already back. He wanted to have a tea somewhere.


elise said...

sorry i've been so involved in my own pre india drama that i havent been reading anything. but im glad i came to yours and saw how lovely your documentation of your mysore experience is! See you soon!

susiegb said...

Hey Ursula
I was away last week, and wasn't checking the blogs. So glad to read that you're in India already, and sounds like you're having a great time!

I am really enjoying reading your posts from Mysore - hope you continue to enjoy and learn a lot!


Ursula said...

Hi Elise,

You know what a I am writing about, it is difficult to describe all the impressions.

Hi susiegb, thank you. India IS exciting.