Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am learning

Papa told me this, but also the nice guy at the reception, who is sleeping at the reception at night and during the day he is studying business: the price 3 times that is what they tell you what you have to pay. This knowledge helps me to negotiate when I want to. I do not want to negotiate so much.
Only with the Riksha drivers I negotiate. Before I step into a Riksha I tell what I am willing to pay. I know now the price from the Shala to the hotel. It is 30 Rupies. I know that this is nothing. But this is the price here. And I do not pay 50 Rupies. Often they want this if the price is not negotiated. I was already told to ask the Riksha driver to switch on the meter. And this makes sense, if one does not like to pay a moon price.
The Riksha driver at the shala know me already. When they see me they say: Green Hotel Mam.

Oh, of course I do it the Indian way. Do you know what I mean?

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