Thursday, July 24, 2008


But let me start from the beginning.

I had forgotten that travelling alone means to meet new people. At the Munich airport I already had a conversation with this man from Croatia, who was on his way to China. He worked in the ship industry and was fed up that he had to fly over Germany, only because it is cheaper. I understand this.
Later I very beautiful young lady of 15 years asked me where I would travel. India I told her. And so we could find together our gate at Frankfourt. And it was nice to have someone to spend the time at the airport. We met also on the plan for chatting. "To travel to Italy that is nothing for me." She told me. "Yeah, for me that is nothing, too". I answered. To go to Italy cannot even called travelling. You are there and then you are no more there. That is it.

But to go to INDIA that is travelling.

And there was the woman of three children, who sat next to me and who was going to an Ashram for meditation and for letting go.

I arrived at Bangalore airport (the new one) at midnight. Outside the taxi driver was waiting. Sitting in the taxi I had to call my bf. This is exactly the time where we talk about the weather when we travel together. Oh, it is warm here. Or oh, it is cold here. Then the taxi driver drove me to Mysore.

Suddenly half way to Mysore I felt so sick, so incredible sick. I had an awful headache, my stamoch felt sick (What has Lufthansa given me, I thought), my legs hurt, I was even shivering. The taxi driver has had the window open and fresh air blew into my face almost all the time. I did not like to tell him to close the window as I feared that he would fall asleep then.

Finally at 4 o clock in the morning I saw the Green Hotel. What a wonderful hotel. Indredible beautiful. My room even only a "travellers room" is so beautiful, too. I slept on a hard matress. I love hard matresses.

Where is my headache, I asked me. It was gone.

Before falling asleep, I thought of the Croatian man, probably still being on a plane. The woman next to me was probably already in her Ashram. And the young beautiful girl will surely sleep.


Peaceloveyoga said...

Wonderful! All the best!! xoxox

Kevin said...

Wonderful,You finally made it to Mysore.

Aircraft make me sick too, sitting for too long,not being able to lay down flat and eating who knows what.

The Green hotel sounds lovely.

Ursula said...

Yeah, I cannot believe it. I am here.

I just enrolled for the yoga class. From tomorrow on I will practice at 9 with Saraswati. I am looking forward to it.

There is so much to write but the city has a power problem. :)

Tracy said...


Scrappur said...

so have u created any friends in India