Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Especially on hectic days pranayama and meditation are good

It was a hectic day.
What is done so far:

- Drugs for bf are on the kitchen table.
- I saw S and her baby, very nice.
- I filled in the form for the health insurance, copied it and mailed it.
- I opened a new bank account. I get more interest there.
- I paid a bill.

This all seems as if it is nothing. But there are ways to go, there are bank account details to search and and and.....

What's left:
- I haven't done the tax declaration.
- I haven't cleaned anything.

I did pranayama and meditation. It was possible to forget the world around me and all the tasks I still have to do. I focused on my breath. Meditation was quit, too. I'm relaxed now. Motivation to vacuum or to even pack my suitcase is zero.

At 4 a.m. I will get up tomorrow morning. Within one hour I should be able to have a shower and to pack the suitcase. At 5 I will have to leave my home. At 7 I will be in the air already. After 8 I will be in Paris. I'm tired.

I must remember: it's all fun.
The issue: There are still so many things to do. It seems endless.

Funny was: I told S, that I will write her an email from Mysore. She answered: You won't have time. And she does not know my time issue. :)


Tracy said...

and soon you will not have ANY time issue when you arrive in fact you will have all the time in the world. Relish it my friend....times like that don't come your way everyday.

Ursula said...

Dear Tracy,

What is "hectic" please. :)

I am so relaxed. I love it to be here. France is my favourite country in Europe.

I greet you from here.


Tracy said...

hectic means...Busy, Crazy, running from here to there~
IE; my life when my children were young!!! No more though~
Enjoy France....Bon Jour!