Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The early morning

I was up early as usual. Bf got up before me at 4:30. He is heading for Paris today. Right now he may already be in the aeroplane. Soon after he has left the bed, I got up, too. I have no time to loose.

Pranayama was great.
Meditation I stopped after 8 min. Priority was to enjoy it and not to accomplish anything. After 8 min I got restless. So I stopped.

Yoga now:
I like it that my first day off is a day where I will practice second series, backbending, heart opening exercises.
Yoga is meditation, too and it is pranayama, too.

It becomes clear to me that in order to become clear and pure, living in the now, concepts, ideas, perhaps even attitudes must go. Not to add more (philosophy) , but to let go is the challenge.

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