Sunday, July 20, 2008

The cruise - seasick

The sea is never stable. This seem obvious. Even though I think that the sea was rather calm on our first day on the ship, there was movement all the time. Of course.

I got seasick while sitting in a comfortable chair looking outside. Pranayama, oh yeah, I did it. Inhaling, when the front of the ship went up with the waves, exhaling whan the ship went down. I held the breath, when the ship tilted to the sides. I was already in a state between sleeping and awake when E. asked me to change places. We went to the middle of the ship. There it was calmer.
"When I was younger, I could stand this much better." He told me.
I looked at his pale face. Oh no, I thought, he too.
"Darling, you are Aries, I am Taurus. These are earth signs." I answered.

We were both seasick on our first day on the cruise.

I thought: One day when I will be asked again: Would you like to go on a cruise with me? I would answer:A cruise? No thank you, that's nothing for me.

But this was on the first day. It got better and calmer, seasickness disappeared.

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Marie said...

One time, just one time, I went sailing with friends on their lovely sailboat, and I got so seasick that I thought I would actually die. I was so incapacitated that even the slightest movement of my head made me vomit. I remember sitting absolutely still and thinking that if by a horrible accident they were all swept off the boat, that I would be left sitting there, unable to move, until death also claimed me.

The very moment my feet touched the dock, I was absolutely fine again.

I love and adore the ocean, but I haven't been on a boat since!