Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coming and going in Mysore

Every day yoginis are coming, every day yoginis are going.

There are cafes round the corner of the shala where the yoginis meet. Even though I know nobody here it is easy to get in contact. It is possible to be alone, but to get in contact is easy, too. Many Americans are here, but I have already spoken with a woman from England, a man from Iran, who lives in India. I saw a lot of Japaneese people. The scene is international.

My spoken English is improving. :) I forgot my German-French grammar at home. I can live without it.

Some yogis are cool, some are not so cool.
India is not a Western country, it is in the East. Some can handle the insecurities, some not. You can see it at first sight. I can live with all what is new and different and I love it to be here. I am absolutely relaxed, even in the Riksha.

I have time for pranayama and meditation. Of coures I take time for this. I know that my next days will still be occuppied with organising everything, i.e. I want to use my own PC. The Indians are so helpful, perhaps they will help me to make it running.

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Kevin said...

Did you meet Bella yet?