Thursday, July 31, 2008

A classic Indian farewell

"Sit down, sit down," they told me.

So I sat down. A man took red color out of a little box and made a red point on my front between my eye-brows. Then I was given a banana and a coconut. They put it in a paper bag and said good-bye to me.

Yes, I relocated. I have now a room on my own with a wonderful balcony only for me. I left the Green Hotel one day earlier as thought. Everything is perfect. I am very lucky. All happens.

I am glad that tomorrow is a moon day, which means there is no yoga. I need a day to recover from my cold. My last Aspirin was taken last night. I am still caughing.

And I have plans for tomorrow. Papa will pick me up at 11 and he will show me shops where I can buy a blanket to cover my body at night. I also need an incence holder and 2 meditation cushions. One for me and one in case I have a guest. Then we can sit comfortably on the floor on my balcony.

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