Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cash for the Guru

Yesterday, or was it already the day before yesterday? I enrolled for one month at the shala of Patthabi Jois. They only accept cash and this was my first challenge. I had to draw money on a public place and I had to carry around a lot of money. Baba (my Riksha driver) knew the bank I wanted to go. Of couse he knows the bank. When I went up the steps to the bank I saw a man sitting there, a gun was on his legs. This gave me a feeling of safety. At the same moment I thought: Can a gun really give a feeling of safety?

Baba, my Riksha driver: I like to have him. He absolutely compensates my lack of orientation. He likes to drive his Riksha. When he drives it is as if he is playing with a toy for grown-up people. And I even think he likes to drive me. I am absolutely relaxed when he drives me even though the traffic must frighten me. He is waiting for me now. I asked him if he knows a shoe shop for me. Of course he knows. He does not take money from me anymore. He only wants to get paid once, because this is supposed to be cheaper for me. Shall I believe this? But he does not take my money now. Hahaha.

Oh, did I mention that I would never drive with one of these motobycicles. OK, yesterday I did it. Not on the driver s seat, but behind. An Indian man had to show me a room that I could rent, but I won t take it. I prefer to stay at the Green Hotel for a few more days, before I can move to the beautiful room two houses away from the shala on the 1st of August. It makes the trip more expensive, but also more comfortable.

Today the sun is shining again. Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs. It is monsum time here. At night it is cold, but during the days it is summer, when it is not raining and it does not rain every day. The city has a huge power problem. During the day there is a power cut almost every day. But nobody cares. Yeah, why should this be a problem. I only cannot write emails and update my blog. Who needs electric light when there are candles?

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