Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barfoot in India

"Put off your shoes", Shiva told me this, when I wanted to enter his home with my shoes. Now I know it better. To enter a house with shoes is really very bad behaviour. It is easy to remember to put off the shoes because in front of every door are a lot of shoes.

At home in Germany I am barfoot all the time, too. I like it to be barfoot.

Shiva is a famous man in the yoga community, too. He is the one who found the room for me. Every day I have lunch at his house. The yogi who was travelling more than 6 times to India recommended it. It is the best food and you will not get ill. I take advice of experienced Indian travellers. I need not to taste everything. He himself only eats the food of Shiva, he gets it delivered. I want to do yoga. I am not writing a book an Indian food. Firstly I want to stay healthy. He even recommended to brush my teeth with mineral water. Yes, I do this. I am not very hungry here, this is very new to me. To eat once or twice a day is enough for me and I do not even feel hunger. A very young girl is preparing the delicious meal at Shivas house. She is so beautiful and a really very good chef. Is this children work? I guess yes.

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Kevin said...

When I travel I do not eat as much as I do at home. During the week food is a punctuation mark in the day. Breakfast, then you want to stop working and have lunch, then stop working and go home for dinner.We eat if we are hungry or not. When I travel and am absorbed in what I am doing, enjoying travelling, yoga I often find I have not eaten.