Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday I wanted to listen to music. But there is no music available for me. So I started chanting aum for a while. I listened to my own voice and it was so nice.

I relax here. I just had lunch at Anus internet shop. As dessert I had that delicious chocolate cake that S. from Germany recommended me. They prepared this cake only for me today. And this cake is a poem.

Otherwise I do not do much here. I relax. It is not planned to learn how to play one of the Indian instruments. It is also not planned to learn Hindi or another Indian language. Neither will I learn chanting these old texts. I will only go to a cooking class at Anu, because Tracy recommended me this and the food is very delicious here.
After lunch I only sat at the table, doing nothing. It was the art of doing nothing.

I like to talk to people and I have a lot of opportunities. That is what I do here. That was one reason why I wanted to go to Mysore, I wanted to meet the community. And it is a lot of fun to meet these yoginis from so many parts of this world.


Tracy said...

you are having such a wonderful time!!!! that makes me so happy for you Ursula~
now, also remember that you can go and see my friend Meena at her home..The Silver Nest and get those toe rings you were wanting!!
She is such a sweet woman, you will have good converstions with her too!She is close to the shala..ask anyone and they will take you there~

Ursula said...

Tracy, you are "ein Schatz", freely translated a darling.

I will do this. I need these silver rings for my feet.

I am so happy and I often think of you. Anu was very pleased to here from you. I have even seen where you have slept here. :)

OMG is life exciting. I have a very good time and I wish you the same.



Tracy said...

;0)! thank you my friend~~
isn't the room cute?! it was such a comfortable place when i stayed know what you might do when you are at Meenas home...ask her if she has an extra room for you to stay in. she only takes single women and her home is beautiful! try it and see, you just never know~ i have her phone number if you need it and her address as well!

Ursula said...

Dear Tracy,

It was surely not my last time that I was at the silver net.

Thank you for the tip. Perhaps it can become very important. Till know I still feel safe that I will get the room close to the shala.

It is so nice how you usher me through Mysore. :)