Tuesday, July 08, 2008

At home for a few hours

There is such a thing like stress on vacation.
At 1 p.m. the taxi will pick us up again and there is still a lot to do. 2 hours are left.
But I want to focus on the positive aspects of limited time.
It's so amazing what I have already done so far, only because I know that I have only a few hours.

Pranayama and meditation: I don't care anymore when I look at my watch. Firstly I try to observe the impulse. When I cannot resist to follow whatever impulse comes up, I do what I think what has to be done (scratching, looking at the watch). And then I go on. To be the master of the mind and not the other way round would be nice.

Ashtanga yoga was great today. Back bending gets better, I thought, till I did urdhva dhanurasana. With the block between my thighs I scarcly could lift up my body. I repeated this pose without the block. :) This was much better.

And now I have to hurry again: ironing, emails, unpackung and packing the suitcase, doing the dishes and and and.
Picture: Paris - art at Place Pompidou


Monica said...

Hi Ursulu,

Are you in Oslo? In case, I wish you very welcome to Norway!

But from Paris to Oslo.. I would prefer a less spectacular comparing :)

Anyway, I will return to Oslo on saturday and if you have time for a coffee or something, I would love to meet you.

Cheers Monica

Marie said...

Hi Ursula-
Thanks for the lovely photos. It's like taking a mini-vacation.

Glad to hear you're back and already off to your next excursion.

My family went to San Diego yesterday - which maybe doesn't compare! Still, it was fun. We celebrated my younger child's birthday with the ocean, the science museum, and the zoo - a trip for the birthday star!

Sunday, we'll have 12 children and their families coming for a party. So much to do - especially tidying up those piles of things that stack up in the house despite my best efforts. I'm in the mood to just chuck most of it away. It's a good exercise in facing our attachment to things.

As we have so, so many books, I will be sorting through and passing on anything I don't absolutely love to the library, used bookstores, or strangers in the street. I adore books, but really, I have them stacked in every room (even in my car!) and somtimes it's just too much. Once I've read and enjoyed it, I'd like to see it go on to someone else.

Hope your traveling is enjoyable and the ocean, calm.

As always, best to all-

Ursula said...

Hi Monica,

Right now we are on a cruise, still in the north of Norway. The sun is shining, landscape is lovely.

We are not sure when we will be in Oslo. If possible I'd really like to meet you for a cup of coffee. Perhaps we can combine it with a practice in a yoga studio. Do you have a recommendation.

On the ship it's difficult to have internet access, but once in Norway it will be easier again.

All the best.


Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

Oh, nice to hear about your exciting life. San Diego is my favourite city in the US. We always stop at Del Coronado for a glas of Chardonnay for me and a Margharitta for E.

Currently we are on the cruise. Except the first day (we both were sea sick) we have a nice time and time for reading.

To let go even of books, that's good, I have to learn it, too.

Best wishes from Norway.


Seamus said...

re " I do what I think what has to be done (scratching, looking at the watch). And then I go on."

I think this is a great way to approach what happens during your meditation, or even just during your life, do what needs to be done, then just let go of it. Forget about it, move on. Resisting what is natural makes no sense to me, just causes unnecessary friction. My Chi Gong teacher used to laugh and say "Good, good!" whenever we sneezed or scratched ourselves or cleared our throats. "Chi move!" he would yelp delightedly in his gorgeous Chinese accent :-)