Friday, July 04, 2008

Ashtanga Yoga Paris

I could practice at Ashtanga Yoga Paris. What a beauiful yoga place. It's all Zen style. The steps are a bit steep, but only when sleeping there is the danger to fall down.

About 15 people came. One mat was next to the other. Heat developped in the small room. The 2 teacher were given adjustments all the time, soft adjustments which showed the direction, but not very pushy, more sensitve. Oh, I have to loose my shoulders.

The teacher wasn't happy with my urdhva dhanurasana. My legs are not parallell. He gave me a block between my thighs that I should press. I think that way I really can improve the challenging pose.

The Ashtangis left the room when they had finished their practice. So did I. It was great to practice with the Ashtangis in Paris. I highly recommend this studio. Perhaps I can go there again on Monday. That would be great.

It's lunch time. I just met my bf again. We had a phone call and I told him where the cyber club (internet cafe) was. But he still has to make an important phone call. I will meet him in about half an hour. It will be lunch time then.

I'm in love with Paris.

Picture: Paris, one of the houses and balconies


Kev said...

wow ashtanga in Paris that's great.

Think the cafe owner was grumpy! My little cafe in London is a wonderful, friendly place, they would let you take pictures!

Ursula said...

Yeah, it was great. Ohter teachers see other mistakes. I will go on Monday again.