Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our last day in Oslo, Norway

Ashtanga Yoga Oslo: I was so happy that I could go to a Mysore class there. They have wonderful heated rooms and I got lovely adjustments.
Perhaps I even got the hottest hint from a woman who practiced next to me. She was very slim and about my age and she was able to do urdhva dhanurasana from standing position. I had to interrupt my practice in order to watch her. Later I asked her how she learned it. She gave me the hint to start doing it with legs very wide apart like in prasarita padottanasana. I think this is a a most helpful hint, especially for people of my age. It's easier to start that way, than to expect a perfect dropping back right from the beginning.

But that was not the only highlight on my last day in Oslo. In the afternoon I met Monica in the lobby of a hotel downtown. I was very happy that M. told about her interesting life, as she was knowing almost everything about me, because she is reading my blog. I could only introduce my boyfriend to her as something new.
Thank you for your gift. The tops fit perfectly. I made a fashion show in the evening. These black tops are too beautiful for yoga practices. I will create the appropriate situations for them and me. :). The fashion show was my last action in Norway before leaving this beautiful country. Thank you so much. I really hope we will meet again.

Norway - a recommendation? Of course. Go. I highly recommend it. Don't expect sunshine all the time, but then you will love it.

(PS: We took 1200 pictures in Norway. It's such a great country. I wish I had more time. I have so many nice stories to tell and pictures to show, but life goes on and on Wednesday I will be on the plane for India. 2 days are left to prepare this trip, I have to hurry.)


Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! Such Beautiful photos from your trip U!! I am loving them all so much! and..of course the REAL excitement awaits you in just a few more days! India!! Happy, and Safe Travels to you my friend!!!

Marie said...

Hi Ursula!

You're back! You're back! I missed you so much!!

And with all the wonderful photos and interesting anecdotes as always.

I love the way you captured your impressions and then uploaded them when you got back to your computer.

It sounds like a fabulous trip in a very ruggedly beautiful country. I can't wait to hear whatever else you have to tell!


Ursula said...

Dear Tracy,
Thank you. Can you imagine how difficult it was to decide which pictures to upload?. The nature in Norway is fascinating. It's wild and untouched.

I'm so excited because of my Indian trip, you cannot imagine.


Ursula said...

Dear Marie,

It's so wonderful to get up in the morning and to find comments from you in my inbox.

Norway was great, it's the nature that is the highlight there.

I'm back for two days now. Only.

I hope so much that you are well?

Best wishes and sleep well.


Monica said...

Thank you, Ursula
for a lovely meeting which I really enjoyed. You're surch a kind and sweet person in real life too!

And it's so interesting for me to "see" Norway through your reflected eyes. Thanks for being so great ambassadour for Norway.

And there is possible to have cheap things in Norway, fx Ikea. Ikea in Norway is cheaper than Ikea in other european countries, haha..

But a glas of wine... you probably have heartattack.

I'm so glad that the tops fitted, just a little thanks for all that you share with us on a daily basis.

I really look forward to participate in your expressions from India! Have a nice and exciting time and keep your readers updated when you have possibility.

Hope I'll be able to see you again.

Ursula said...

Oh, thank you very much Monica.

You are so wonderful, too.

It was very impressive for me to hear how you manage your life. Thanks for sharing it.

We didn't drink any alcohool in Norway. :) This was very good for E.'s heart. My heart is stronger, but it's not necessary to have alcohool all the time.

But guess what was cheaper than in other parts of the world? It was the yoga class. 20 % less than in France and Germany. This made me really smile, as the room was large and heated.

I'm preparing the next trip now and I'm very excited.

It would be nice to see you again.

Have a wonderful evening.