Tuesday, July 29, 2008

....and then I stood in the middle of nowhere

.....and Papa was gone. He was not yet back when I had finished my late blogging in a close internet cafe. He drove me to this place after I have checked a room in another hotel. But I decided to stay till the end of the month in the Green Hotel. The room that I was shown smelled too badly. Now I stood there in front of the internet cafe in the middle of nowhere. What to do, what to do. I wanted these Indian guys calling another Riksha and finally they did it. Papa had switched off his mobile phone. I had no idea where he was. There is no reason to be afraid, nevertheless I was afraid. Where I was standing was countryside, huts, dusty roads, only Indian people. When I stood there it is as if I were coming from another star. I look differently, I am dressed differently, and I hold my bag as if there were something precious in it.

Finally a Riksha came. The Green Hotel was very near, but I did not know this. I would have given this driver as much as he wanted, but he was really modest.

Was I glad when I was in the Green Hotel again.

After a while in the early evening I felt a bit lonesome again. I do not want that this becomes a habit. I went for dinner, the restaurant was full of people. I enjoyed a vegetable curry and a pinnaepple juice.

Oh, I have bought me some gifts, I thought. I will see what I have bought today. Back in my room, I tried on my new plastic slippers. So beautiful. Then I opened the bottle with the sandle oil. I wanted to give my feet a massage with this wonderful oil. I opened the bottle, the oil was rather liquid. I almost spoiled the blanket of my meditation bed. In the last second I could avoid this and all the oil dropped on my feet. I massaged my feet and then I wanted to smell this sandle oil. I pulled my left feet to my nose. I can do this easily, as I am a yogini. I smelled...NOTHING. My nose is my most sensitive organ. I smell almost everything. I pulled my feet closer to my nose......NOTHING. They have probably given me edable oil. Now I wanted to know it: What is in the other little bottles. Firstly I had to unwrap them as the Indians have wrapped it in paper and tesafilm. It was not so easy to unwrap them, but finally I could open the bottles and aaahhhhhh, there was oil in it, the ones I have smelled in the shop. I smelled the oil and it was so good.

Thank you: I was in the here and now.
(It is not my first business contact. I got the message.)

This morning I made the travel man of the hotel call Papa: When he came he said: Pardon. I looked at him a little bit seriously, but I said nothing. The mango juice this morning was too good.
In case I will not get the room, but I am rather sure that I will get it, Papa knows a house for me.
Papa, papa,


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
You know - I notice how the details you pull out of an event really capture the story of it. From all your blogging of your daily life, you've learned to be attentive to so much, and now it is a rich experience to read about these bits and pieces of your days in India.

When I read your blog, everything sounds so exciting and fulfilling. You seem so observant and confident - it's hard to imagine you feeling scared, unsure or lonely. But of course, all those emotions must surface from time to time.

So I'll say this - even though you're far away - I'm thinking of you and wishing the best for you. It's nice to think of your adventures in life and my very different ones and still somehow the thoughts can cross. And maybe also the energy of the emotions? When we consider all the ways we are connected to others, it's so comforting it banishes loneliness. You know?


Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

It is a very intensive time that I experience here.

And now I am going to wash my clothes with my hands. To do such simple things can be really meditative.

All the best to you.
I wrote you an email.


Tracy said...

it sounds like you and i got our oils from the same person!!
and oh how I LOVE the green hotel as well!! i would stay there the whole two months if i could :0)!!