Thursday, June 26, 2008

Two more days

Today I ordered "Krapfen" for tomorrow. They are for my good-bye breakfast with my dear colleagues. I know where I can get the best ones. A colleage organized tables so that we can eat together on the balcony there. Very attentive. It was his initiative. I'm a bit shy to take center stage. But I also know that as soon as a few people gather it's pure fun for me.

I worked till 6 today, the auditors kept me busy. And I wanted to teach my colleague how to do the paymens for the group. Time ran through my fingers. I'm proned to write: as usual.


Marie said...

Hey U!

I am so excited for you. How delightful to hear that you are more relaxed and that you are laughing more!

I've been a bit busy. The kids are at home now for summer vacation, and my husband as well, so I have to organize them all during the days :)

I've also been doing a bit of paid grantwriting from home. The only work I can get so far. It isn't much, but it is something - and it lets me practice writing.

Writing for a purpose. Hmm. It's much different from just writing one's thoughts. Like yoga, I wish that I would spend hours and hours more at the practice of it. Then I would improve more quickly!!

I'm still looking every day to see what the next path of my life will be.

Hey, you know what we should do, Ursula? Write a simple yoga book in German and English and Sanskrit for kids! That would be fun!!

Why not?


Ursula said...

Hey M!

During my breakfast this morning I was thinking about your idea to write a book together. It's a very good idea.

Yeah, let' do some brainstorming, we should do it. :)