Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pranayama, meditation

There are so many different ways to do pranayama and meditation. Lately I tried different ways of breathing - I went from ujjayi breathing to alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodana).

Again I changed my pranayama practice. I feel that I have found a method now I will stick to. I'm influenced by the book Advanced yoga practices by Yogani.

Pranayama (spinal breathing): I do it 5 minutes. While inhaling my attention travels upward inside a tiny thread beginning at my perineum, continuing up through the center of my spine, and up through the stem of the brain to the center of my head, then to the point between my eyebrows. And backwards while exhaling. (Page 45 in the above mentioned book)

Meditation (10 min): I use the word or mantra "I am" or "Ayam", in order to quite the mind. Yogani recommends to close the eyes. So far I meditated with open eyes. This evening I will do it with closed eyes. I'm curious how this will be.

It's recommended to do 10 min pranayama and 20 min meditation. I do half of it. Soon I will be able to do more, because I will have more time for me, but for now.........

I dawdled this morning, so I had no time to do asanas. Awful me. Of course I regret it, but it's too late now.

What else: Yesterday I was told to write down my activities at work. The boss wants or has to distribute my activities to my colleagues. It means again more work for them. Obviously there is no next accountant in sight. That's not my issue anymore.

The weather: Finally it's sunny and warm here.

Breakfast: A fresh mango with soy-yofu. Delicious.


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
I've never tried to meditate with my eyes open (unless I was walking).

I'm curious - How did that work for you? Did you gaze at one point?


P.S. How many more days of work?

Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

Really? I have my eyes always half closed or half open as you like it.There is so much to learn re meditation.

I don't count the days Marie. My mind is busy with the planning of the Indian trip.

Sometimes I catch myself thinking: Now I'm through the worst and now I have to go. A bad decision.

But these thoughts are redundant. Today a colleague gave notice, too. It was a shock for the other colleagues. Newbies mean a lot of work for everybody.

Everything is OK for me.