Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pain is part of the way

Today my joint of my right hand hurt. Pain I can handle. Tiredness is more difficult for me to handle. Now, after my practice the joint is better. Any movement is good for healing, I'm convinced of this.

It never goes up every day. Sometimes it goes down. Pain is part of the way. It's possible to go on with care and attentivness.

Slowly I practiced today. The breath was rather flat. My poses were rather good. I don't know why but I'm rather thin now, this always helps to do twists. Supta kurmasana was intensive, too, the finger could hook and the toes touched.

Astonishing was how good urdhva dhanurasana was. I used the bandhas and I breathed deeply when I did this asana. I didn't try to drop down from standing position. I had not so much energy when I finally did that pose.

The door of my balcony was open when I practiced. It's summer time here now. I'm so glad that I practiced. I was distracted, breath was flat, but so what. I was on my mat and I did it.


Kevin said...

You should get bf to cross your feet over for you in Supta K!

Take care of your hand, especially at work using a pc all day.

Ursula said...

My bf and yoga adjustments - it's a story of itself.

He definitely prefers to eat what I have cooked for him.
He also likes it when I put medcine on his overstretched and injured tendoms when he comes home from soccer, injured.

To give me adjustmenst is not his thing. I don't mind.

I'm glad when I can practice without distraction.