Sunday, June 29, 2008

On another yoga practice - the breath

Yes, I practiced. Focus was the breath, more precise: I wanted to match the breath with the movements and I wanted to breathe correctly when changing poses. The breath has so many aspects.

My "laziness" during the last days was noticed during my practice today. I felt weak and I needed breaks, breath breaks. I even trembled from time to time out of exhaustion.

To have powerful muscles is wonderful. But it is not only in order to be able to lift a heavy suitcase when travelling to India. Muscles protect the body from injuries. Bandhas are muscles, too. Using the bandhas my back is protected when doing back bending. Bandhas help me balancing. It goes all together. That's what I experienced today during my practice - the importance to use the muscles.

The breath has the ability to protect, too. When holding the breath it's a sure sign that one should stop going further.

Yoga goes on off the mat. I will be aware of my breath off the mat, too.
What is my breath doing, when I'm drinking tea? What is it doing when I will watch soccer this evening (Spain : Germany)?

Pranayama around the clock, meditation around the clock, being aware around the clock. That's how the life of a yogini looks like.

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Marie said...

Hey U!
I hope this can catch you before you leave. I hope you have a wonderful last day.

I can't wait to find out what the present is!!

I like what you're observing about meditation. It's interesting to read someone else's experience.

When I have a bit more time, I'll reflect on how your experience compares to mine.