Monday, June 09, 2008

Now four spiritual parctices in the morning

I wrote my journal, I did pranayama, I meditated and I did the first Ashtanga series.

The joy that I practiced dominated by far the disappointment that I had not the time to do all the asanas. The goal was not to practice sloppy. It's so easy to practice sloppy.
I focused on the breath, inhaling and exhaling were rather evenly.
Every day the body is different.

Urdhva dhanurasana was so hard. I need so much will power in the morning to do it. The body is seems very stiff when I do this asana. Consciously I do upward facing dog as a preparation for this pose, nevertheless in the morning UD a very demanding pose. I shifted the weight from the legs to the arms. This bettered the asana. Nevertheless I couldn't hold the pose for 5 breaths. I did it even though it was so difficult. I guess this will finally improve this pose.

Savasana at the end.

I went to bed on time yesterday. The soccer match was exciting. But I prefered not to be tired in the morning. Yoga was my priority. And I saw the first part of the match, that was enough.

I have not yet applied for a visa for India . I need a hotel first or a room or at least an address of a hotel that I can fill in the form. That's my work for today - to find an address where I can stay the first night.
And I will copy all the important documents like my passport.


Dav DiDi said...


Any advice if I wants to start learning yoga? Where and what can I start with as a newbies?

Anonymous said...

Yoga es lo mas!

Anonymous said...

Yoga es lo mas!

C.K. said...

Can you use the AYRI address?

Ursula said...

Hi dav didi,

I checked your blog and found out that you come from Malaysia. I do not know the yoga scene there.

I'd really recommend to start yoga with a teacher. A workshop will do as well. Then you can go on. But with no experience at all it would be good to study with a teacher.

I hope for you you find one. You won't regret it.

Best wishes.


Ursula said...

Hi Cara, I just opened the page. It was possible. I have not yet filled in the form as I have to dedice when I want to practice in the shala.

Will you come to Mysore, too? It would be a great joy for me to meet you again.