Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nothing will stop me.

I knew that they would come - the problems, the obstacles.
I was so in love with my own joy, that I spreaded the news about my Inian trip. Whoever wanted to hear my plans and also those who didn't like to hear it got the information. My trip to India, my yoga that's my favourite topic.

I was weak and vulnerable, then aggressive. So aggressive. (Who wants to stop me?)Energy, yes, but lost energy. I didn't use it for something productive. OK, I started cleaning the bathroom. So much energy was felt that I even cleaned the bathtube and the walls. Washing machine is cleaning some clothes now, too.

Nobody shall reduce my joy and adventurous mood. I do not allow it anymore.

It was as if I was sliding down a slippery playground slide, so fast, I couldn't hold me. The collision was hard and astonishing.

Again I stand with both legs on this earth. Why should anything be easy for me?

Now I'm careful again, reasonable. Sad. I like me when I'm exuberant.

(For the courious reader: I'm not talking about my bf, he supports me.)

To do list:
1.It must happen this week. I need a flight. Thursday is a good day to search the internet. Tomorrow I will have Mysore class.
2.I can cheque the exchange rate in order to get used to the currency.


Tracy said...

you know i am here if you need any tips of info on india!
tracy ;0)

Marie said...

Dearest Ursula -

Be exuberent! Take caution with a grain of salt.

More later, but I wanted to share this with you. I've been really into this song this week:

Soul Meets Body

"I want to live where
soul meets body
And let the sun
wrap its arms around me
And bathe in water
cool and cleansing
And feel... feel like
I'm completely new.."

by Death Cab for Cutie

Look here for the video and complete song

Be completely NEW,

Ursula said...

Dear Tracy,

Yes, I know this and I have questions.

Let me start with the first one:
It's about money. Did you travel with a lot of cash? Where did you hide the money? I have a credit card. Did you use this instead of cash?

Did you leave the money in the hotel room? Did you rent a safe? What to do with the money when I'm in the shala?

Many questions already. I'm sure you have some hints. Thanks in advance.



Ursula said...

Dear Marie, you are so sweet.

I will listen to the song after Mysore class. Then I will have time to enjoy it.

And thank you so much for your Ecard. It's so right what you wrote. Time is best. It cannot be better.
It's so easy to fall off the wagon. But I climbed in again. It's the best what I can do to go to India.

Sleep well.