Friday, June 27, 2008

Not perfect...

...but I'm glad that I'm back to a routine where yoga is part of it.

Pranayama, meditation was great today. Breath by breath I went on and on.
Time was limited for yoga, but there was time for a few asanas. Again the breath was my focus. The body enjoyed it that I moved it. I'm longing for a full practice.

Good-bye party at work today: The day seems to become sunny, so we probably can use the terrace. I write every day, but I do not know yet what I want to write in my last email to my colleagues - the invitation. I shouldn't think too much. I should trust that words will come when I sit in front of my PC at work.


Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
Is your departure from work just for the time you're going to be on vacation and in India, or are you planning to leave the company as well?


Ursula said...

Oh, Arturo, the boss terminated my contract. And I tried to make the best out of this situation. I do not have a job now. Monday will be my last working day. I will look for a job when I will be back in the beginning of October.

I'm relaxed, no future fears. I'm simply happy that I can go to India and that I will soon have time. I'm open for what is coming. :)