Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy morning

I got up too late, I overslept. Then I wrote my journal. No yoga, no meditation, no pranayama this morning.

Monday. Six more working days and then it will be over. I have no more so much to do. Only difficult tasks are on my desk like going through the remaining piles. I'm almost redundant.

The books that I read change: I'm reading now "The lazy person's guide to success" by Ernie J. Zelinski. True is, I had no time to reflect on my life during the last year. Not to work harder, but to be smarter is important. The goal can only be to make more money in less time.

(Time to wake up my bf.)

More money in less time, sounds very good. And it must be fun. :)


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
Ah, that is indeed the question! How to make more money with less work?

And also, how to enjoy life more with less money?

Let me know when you find the answers- I've been looking!!

Ursula said...

I will tell you. :)

To get rich while sleeping, that's the goal.

Sleep well.