Sunday, June 08, 2008


We are back from C.'s birthday party. It's after midnight. How I love it to have like-minded friends. I know C. since 20 years and we are still interested in each other. What a gift.

Before having left home I had to prepare the salad and the dessert. Quick, quick, I did it, I had not that much time. I wanted to be on time.. The dessert was OK, but the salad was a bit boring, I think. I ate nothing at the party, I entertained. I had put on something sexy, I showed my white skin. It's nice to notice when the eyes of a man wander deeper while talking with me. I felt good.

It was a birthday party and I told my favourite story.

One day, I said, my boyfriend came home with a huge smile on his face.
It's unusual, because normally he is still thinking about his job. His face is series.
What happened, I asked him.
I was at the broker, he told me.
And what did he say, I asked him.
We talked about you.
About me?
Yes, he thinks you are 25.

Me after a while: But darling is that a compliment for you or for me?

Usually people laugh about this story, because they see that I'm not 25, but it's difficult to guess my age.

Oh I loved it to tell one story after the other today. I had a very good evening. Very nice that I saw C.

I have to go to bed. It's late already. It's already Sunday.


Marie said...

I like your story! I'm glad you had a good party. Sounds like fun.

Ursula said...

Oh yeah, it was a wonderful party. I like C. very much. We stayed till after midnight. And you know how early I usually go to bed, 10 pm.