Sunday, June 22, 2008

India - the preparation part 1

Firstly there was the idea.........but as I'm a practical person, here the steps:

1. Health:
I got shots for diphtheria, polio and typhus. These shots need repetition every 10 years.
Years ago I got shots for Hepatitis A and B and this protects me my entire life. I decided not to go for anti rabies inoculation. I do not intend to caress wild animals.

I bought jod, malaria tablets, aspirin. My tiger balm will be in my suitcase and penicillin (this I have to return to the doctor in case I do not need it).

I have tablets for diarrhea as well.

What's left: In Germany we have to have an health insurance. My job will end at the end of June, then I will have to close a health insurance on my own. The form is already on my kitchen table, I only have to fill it in and send it back.

2. Transportation:
Quickly I bought a ticket for India. This was my most important step. I knew once I have the ticket I won't change my mind anymore.
Transportation from my home to the airport is covered by my boyfriend.
Transpartation from Bangalore to Mysore is covered by a taxi driver organised by the famous Ganesh.

3. Visa:
I have no visa yet. My application came back because I had put the fee in the envelope in cash. The Indian Embassy only accepts money transfers. So, this is done now, too. My passport will be at the Embassy again on Monday. Hopefully it will be back on time. My experience is that they are very fast, they need less than a week. Nevertheless it gives me a bit of excitement.

4. Yoga at Patthabi Jois's and Sharath's shala: I printed out the form and sent it to India. That's the way I'm supposed to do it, I found out. Within 2 days my mail will be in India. How long it will take till it is in the shala cannot be predicted, the post-office clerk told me. Excitment of course. I'm not sure if I can practice there as I was already a bit late with my letter. I couldn't mail it 2 months earlier. It was not possible to plan ahead so far as I didn't know if I could stay at my current job.

The very next steps:
I have to find a hotel room for the first 2 nights That's what I want to organise from here. Then I was told it was easier to find a room in Mysore when in Mysore. Hope this is true.

I was recommended to buy a very light sleeping bag. I will do so.

The costs so far:

Medicine: 120 Euro
Ticket to India: 830 Euro
Visa: 50 Euro
Shala for 1 month: about 670 Euro
Hotel room for the first two nights: 120 Euro

So far 1790,-- Euro are already spent. I guess I need the same sum one more time.

Most expensive is that no money is coming in while I'm lazy in India, but my fixed costs in Germany must be paid.

This trip is a motivation to earn more money.

Challenges so far:
What to do first was a real question, how to start.
It's crazy to do this trip. To meet fearful people in the very first planning phase can be a real challenge. The community encouraged me to go. Ha, how nice to have the Ashtanga community, these adventures in the best sense.


Kevin said...

You are mentally already there.You have the ticket, the visa will come, you just have to pack your bag. A torch is a good idea, power cuts are often.
120 Euro for 2 nights hotel seems a lot of money, India is cheap.

Wayne said...

Ursula, how exciting - have fun. You have already done the hard part: deciding to go!

Ursula said...

Hi Wayne,

You are right, to make the decision was the hard part.

It's very exciting for me. For those who travel every year to India it's a piece of cake. For me it isn't.

But most things are done now. I have to stay alert now and curious. And it is fun, so much fun.

I wish you a wonderful time´Wayne.

All the best.


Ursula said...

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for your tip. I know you are an experienced traveler. I will search the internet for an alternative. I thought of the Green Hotel for the first two nights. But perhaps I can find something similar with a better price.

Thank you very much.


susiegb said...

Ooh Ursula - I'm so looking forward to reading your blog when you're in India, and hearing about all your experiences there. You will have a wonderful wonderful time I'm sure - I just wish I could be going too!

One day I'll get to Mysore, but in the meantime reading stories from people who are there is the next best thing!!

Ursula said...

Thank you Susie.

It's so exciting for me. I will blog during my trip to India. I will even use my own PC, even though I was told that there are enough internet shops.

Have a nice day.


Kevin said...

Hi Ursula,

One of my teachers, Bella is in Mysore now, I have e-mailed her to ask if she can recommend a nice cheap, clean hotel for you.

Ursula said...

Oh Kev, you are WONDERFUL. :)


Kevin said...

E-mailed you Bella's suggestions, hope they help. Have a great time,Send me a postcard from Mysore!

Ursula said...

Hi Kev, it will be a plessure for me to send you a postcard.

And thanks for you suggestions. Everything helps.