Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I make them all hot

Firstly I will travel to Paris, the city of love,
then I will travel to Norway, the country of the fjords,
then I will travel to India, the country of yoga and

yesterday my bf asked me if I'd like to travel to the USA with him after my Indian trip. Of course, of course. Of course I will travel with him to the US, the country of freedom.

A huge smile decorates my beautiful face when I tell this to my colleagues.
More, I'm the smile itself.

I deserve it, I said today to a colleague, who asked me about my trips.
I deserve it, don't you think so? (My voice went up a bit at the end of the question.)

He looked at me and said nothing. I looked back and waited. Nothing. Silence.
That went on for a while. I smiled even more. (He was thinking that I do not deserve it. Hahaha)I make them all so hot.

(PS: Life is not fair, so it is.)


Tracy said...

oh..that is good!! you DO deserve that and MORE!! Keep on smiling all the way to the airport~!~

eeyore said...

you have made them all hot, good for you! by the way, i'm going to be in mysore from september 5 for just a month.

Ursula said...

Oh, eeyore, then we must meet. I'll stay there till the 24th of September.

I'm looking forward to meeting you. :)

Ursula said...

oh Tracy, it's so exciting. I feel very good.

btw, my colleagues are very nice. But so much travelling is a bit too much, I can understand it.

I can't believe it that you are a grandma. :)


Tracy said...

YOU can't believe it?? I CAN'T Believe it Myself!! And 2 grandchildren at that!! just goes to are only as old as you think you are...and I think I am NOT :0)! How about that?!
You are too funny Ursula~ like my german mother!

Ursula said...

Oh, thank you, I always think I'm serious. I PREFER to be funny.

I must hurry now. Sleep well.

Marie said...

All that travel!! What could be more fun?! You do deserve it!

Anyone who can't celebrate with you is just showing that they are detached from their own inner self. Too bad, but not your problem.

Because you'll be TRAVELING!!! :)

P.S. Where in the US?


Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

I just asked E.
It will be a business trip to Portland. But he plans to add some days. His favourite destination is Arizona. This is not the last word. He does not yet know it.

Let's see. Perhaps we'll meet this year, perhaps later.