Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I greeted the sun this morning - 3 times

I meditated 10 min. Time ran through my fingers.

3 sun salutations A today.
Again I tried the exercises Elise (mysore musings) recommended. I feel that they lead to the goal to be able to jump through without touching the floor. It's important to hollow the belly before jumping between the arms. This gives control over the body. It's also important for those who think the arms are too short in relation to the upper body. To start from downward dog, hands rather close to the feet helps to balance. The first exercise also helps to jump into bakasana one day. Sometimes the secret is to break a difficult pose down into little steps.

Mysore class this evening. I'm looking forward to it. It's a new beginning. I'm a bit distracted in the morning. I do everything, but no yoga. A few sun salutations are not enough for me.

It's so easy to fall back to old thinking patterns.
It's so easy to blame others for the own thoughts and feelings.
No, I don't want to give others so much power about my precious life and my time. I refuse.
Back to the basics: being aware, not to identify with thoughts and feelings, being aware.


elise said...

at first I was just crossing my fingers and jumping (for bakasana) but then I saw this video on youtube and it totally changed things...

Kevin said...

Enjoy your mysore class, I have to wait until Saturday.Then a week of yoga in the turkish sunshine. At least with Turkey we know everything will be working, as the germans have already been there...ha ha ha :-)

eeyore said...

i'm so happy that you're going to india. you are so awesome! don't let anything sway you from your path, remember what rilke said.

Ursula said...

Hi Kev, you are lucky, you are thin. E.'s mother was in Turkey last winter and she couldn't enter the shower. The door was too small. But you are thin. Have fun.

Ursula said...

Hi eeyore,

I'm so excited and happy that I go to India. I still cannot believe it. It's a gift.

Have you been in India already?

Do I know a poem by Rilke? Not by heart.

Ursula said...

Hi elise, interesting movie.

Today at work we tried to jump through. We had fun.

And you really inhale and exhale? Is the inhaling very short then? It has to.

I make progress I think. Important is to use the bandhas.

I could see it in the move how the belly of the man went inword.

My first impression of the movie was: Men are different. He showed how easy it is to fall. Too times he showed it. He had no mercy with himself. :)

I do the first step for a while now, then the second. It's better to learn movement correctly and there are so many things to consider. Your hints are great.