Friday, June 20, 2008

The gap between work and Greek restaurant

It's Friday. Hungry bf is back from Dresden. He wants to go out. Of course I come with him. Somebody must entertain him. He is still in a conf call, while I filled the gap between my work and the Greek restaurant with 5 min pranayama and 5 min meditation. With a full stomach meditation makes no sense neither pranayama.

Pranayama is so nice. There is so much power in it. To imagine the breath going up and down the spine makes the whole body lively. What a technique.


eeyore said...

kumbhaka and nauli, two of my favorite things, as the song goes.

yes the game was awesome, and today's croatia/turkey even more awesomer!! hope you saw it, in fact, i hope you went to vienna to see it.

Ursula said...

It must have been very very good. I haven't seen it, I read about it online this morning. I wanted to go to bed on time in order to be able to get up early.

My decision: I only watch the games when the Germans are playing and of course the last game. My time is so limited.

Vienna is 5 hours away from Munich. It's too far away from here.

Now we will play against the Turkish team. This will be a lot of fun. On Wednesday they will play.

Have ongoing fun with the European champions leage. :)