Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flight to India is booked - buh

The flight is booked. Point. I will fly the 23rd of July from Munich to Frankfourt and then to Bangalore, India and I will return 23rd of September. I knew that this very first step was necessary soon.

I don't want to go into details. It's already late. Only this: internet booking was not possible. I always appeared as Mr. xy. We considered it too dangerous to book this. Then I called the reservation service. OMG was this woman pushy. For her I had to pay the 30 Euro extra. Here we go.

Patience is needed. This is one of my most difficult exercise.

The flight is booked The very next step is the visa. I'm not sure if I do everything in the right order, but I had to start somewhere.

It's late, I must sleep now. This booking filled my evening. OK, we were at the Greece restaurant as well, but most time consuming was the booking of the flight.

And my PC is not working. How to solve this problem. To be continued. Life consists of learning situations, all the time there is something to learn. :) Good night.


Tracy said...

:0) !!!!!!!!!
oh, and you will learn many things in India...patience will be one of them,that i can say for a fact! So excited for you!!!

Marie said...

So exciting! Step one is done!

One step at a time is the way to take a long journey.

(Get it?? It's a pun...okay...I'll stop)

Hey, I went to a group interview today with 11 other candidates. We were all interviewed in turns, sitting around a large table. It was interesting and a bit fun. I felt curious to see the faces and hear the answers of the people I was "competing" against for the job. I came away feeling very friendly towards the others and hoping that they would get work, but also that I would. Life is so intriguing.

Peaceloveyoga said...

Yay! I'm very excited for you!! Awesome!

Ursula said...

Thank you so much my friends. You are a great support for me.

Oh Marie, I'm so sure that you managed the interview perfectly and that you didn't give up your ideals. The situation you described are very demanding. On the one hand you are supposed to be friendly and cooperative, a teamworker. On the other hand you have to be the best. But I also read between your lines that you could see it as a game. If you don't get the job it's the best for you. I'm convinced of this. It's very good when you keep on looking for a job. All these interviews make you better, more relaxed and it is your experience nobody can take away from you.

It's getting night in the US. Sweet dreams to you all.