Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally a sunny day here

Was I lazy this morning?
Was I not disciplined enough?
Or was I only exhausted?

I let the morning pass away. I wrote my journal. Nothing else happened.
I drank 3 cups of black coffee and leaned against the door frame.
Why was I not able to do anything?
There are perhaps days like this. Obviously they happen.

I feel exhausted. All this excitment.

The morning is over. It makes no sense to think about it, how I wasted it. Life goes on.

(That's nice: this is the 444th post this year)

(Some other stuff:Yesterday my favourite colleague gave me his e-mail address. We have lunch together each day, he helped me a lot with accounting challenges. His email address is a common e-mail address with his wife. To be honest, I don't want to write him, because I only want to write to him and not to a couple. I don't understand why couples have common email addresses.
And: At the dentist yesterday. 15 years ago the dentist married his wife. He told me that he and his wife do not have much time to talk to each other. Three children. I understand it. I told him that that's the reason why E. and I go out for dinner. This is almost the only time where we have time for a chat. When I left the dentist: I wished him a nice wedding anniversary. He: Perhaps you accomplish this one day too. Me thinking: What shall I accomplish? A marriage where the couple has no time anymore to talk to each others?)


Marie said...

Hi U -
Leaning against the doorframe and drinking coffee actually sounds like a rather nice way to spend the morning.

(Well, I don't like coffee, but other than that...)

Isn't letting time pass simply by also a way of using it? do we always have to be doing something? Because I often feel that way too.

When I sit at my computer in the morning, the leaves of the tall sycamore trees in my backyard glow golden-green with the early light falling on them.

You're almost out of work. Have a nice Friday evening!

Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

imagine, I'm already at home. Isn't that nice?

Yeah, always a bit pressure, if not from the outside I make pressure by myself.

Your morning place sounds to be very beautiful.

Yeah, weekend. Yeah.
Bf is back. He wants to go out. Greek restaurant is his goal. :)
Guess you know already our Saturday evening restaurant.

Have a wonderful day.


Arturo said...

Hi Ursula
Happy 444th post! I made a funny reference to you in my blog entry. My new virus protection is so weird that if it sees a beautiful woman, it hides the image. I'm going to have to find a way to correct the problem.