Thursday, June 19, 2008

Believe me,

feelings change quicker than a porsche can drive around a curve.

Guess what I fear and what makes me worry about?
I fear that I won't be able to do enough Ashtanga yoga during our trips.
That would be really a desaster for me.

Yes, it's allowed to laugh.
Somehow I'm awful today.

Present moment save me.

Soccer time this evening: Portugal - Germany.
Many Germans think that Portugal will win. I think that we will win. Of course.


eeyore said...

don't tell me what happens, i'm recording the game right now. i hope you guys win, franz beckenbauer is/was my hero:) see you in mysore!

Ursula said...

No, I don't tell you.

Beckenbauer is great. But now he is retired. He is active only in the background. He has no official job anymore. The world champions leage was his last highlight. He is one of the persons who made soccer so attractive. Now he is getting old. Our all fate.

Enjoy the match: It's really exciting, till the end.