Tuesday, June 03, 2008

At least this

At least I tried the first step that Elise (mysore musings) recommended in order to learn jumping through. It's about learning to balance on the hands. It's an important step. Of course bandhas and breath play an important role, too.

More didn't happen.
I wrote in my journal, that was it.
Perhaps I needed this break.

Awareness, awareness.
People think I'm cool.
I seem to be cool, when my mind is in the presence.
The presence does not know fear.

I'm ready to give again my very best at my job. I want to end my job with a good last impression. Do I want to please?

Time to have breakfast.


elise said...


Eve in Munich said...

Hi Ursula, I want to thank you for the encouragement. I want to keep on blogging but I am barely getting started. Don´t know my way around yet. I really appreciated the quick response. I went to your profile. You have an interesting biography. I wish you so much luck for your endeavors. So, you live in Munich too! Munich has been good to me. I have learned a lot. I hope I will find a way to share it all with anyone out there who might be curious about Munich life. ;-) Eve