Friday, June 06, 2008

At the internet shop

I met two colleagues at the underground. What do 3 Germans do when they meet? They are complaining. I love these conversations. We all have these immense working hours, the deadlines that we do not meet and nobody thanks us that we are so committed.
Still 3 weeks for me and then it's over. But for now I'm still in the dreadmill. Me too, I know how to complain. It's a wonderful game, that we shouldn't play too often. From time to time it's fun.

My PC does not allow me to blog. So I'm here at an internet cafe. Busy people with serious faces are around me.

My weekend plans:
Cleaning, visa, cleaning, tax declaration, cleaning, letter to the landlord, cleaning and so on.

And now I go home.


Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
I agree that it is a mistake of your company to let you go. I think they will regret their decision.

But, oh well, that will be their problem, because you'll be having a ball in INDIA!!

You're right - it's best to stay a bit amused by life, even the ups and downs and feelings.

My yoga teacher told me - feelings come up in us, and they are real; they deserve attention and respect. But the thinking that goes with them is not real. The thinking is just stories that try to explain the feelings.

This is a secret that some of us know and it lets us be a bit more calm and content, even when we are also distressed.

I had lunch with a good friend this week. She is deeply suffering over her relationship. I feel so bad for my friend that I love. But I also see that she is making a lot of her own problems by believing her thinking. She is so worried about how she and her man MIGHT not have enough money in the future, or MIGHT not be happy, etc. etc., that she is choosing to be miserable now. Every day she suffers (and he does too, poor thing) because she feels she does not love him enough to put up with his low ambition and low pay, but she also is too afraid of being alone to just leave him. Eventually, she needs to set herself (and him) free by either deciding to be happy with all of his good traits or by freeing herself to search for another, more wonderful man.

The problem is that she has no trust in the goodness of life. And so she is missing many beautiful and happy moments that are happening to her, like having delicious lunch with a friend, because her head is full of her thoughts.

I think your job was a bit like this, but you regularly cleared those thoughts away and returned to the basic joy of living.

Enjoy the day.

Stellata said...

I hope you will keep blogging from India! I look forward to hearing all about it!!!! You are so lucky!

Ursula said...

Oh yes I will find a possibility to blog. Thank you for reading.

Ursula said...

Hi Marie,

Oh, I know these discussions and complaints about boyfriends and husbands very well.

It's amazing but these meetings with my friends (female) that were full of complaints about men disappeared with age. I also think now that it makes no sense to listen to it too often. It sometimes stabalize a relationship which is not really nice.
Sometimes I think that at my age we have already accepted that the stones are hard, the weather is changing, yeah and men are like they are.

Let's enjoy the stones, the weather and the men. :)

All the best.