Monday, May 12, 2008


Oh, How could I. I have forgotten to mention the second back bending of surya namaskare B: Utkatasana. (In total I count 4 back bending in the first series: urdhva mukha svanasana, virabadrasana A, Utkatasana and urdhva dhanurasana).

Yes I practiced. I'm relaxed now. Body is always thankful when I have moved it.
I had to hurry today. We have guests. We will go to the mountains. I will make them leave the restaurant, which is close to the lift. I think we should walk up till the top - it will take only one hour. My bf has already packed a book. He won't go with us. Redundant to write that it would be very good for him. Let's see what the others will do? Will they accompany me to the top or will they sit drinking beer enjoying the view only. I'm insolent, I know it.

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