Tuesday, April 29, 2008


bothered already my bf with my exhaustion and frustration. So I won't repeat it here: the job, the job, drives me crazy.

But when I read the banner headlines I feel at once worse because of my complaining (or do I feel better?) I don't know it: A woman was put into a cave when she was 11 years old. She was misused by her father. During these 23 years in that cave she has born 7 children. That's awful. Not my life. My luxury life.

This morning I wanted to bake a cake, now I think I have to bake a cake for tomorrow, for my colleagues. At least I have the ingredients at home. Perhaps I should only relax a bit and then.............then the "I want" will return?

My bf wants me to buy a book via Ebay at 8:36 p.m.. I will do it. I'm so busy. I have no time to think about my age.

I'm enjoying the birthday card from friends that arrived today. A tiger skin is on it. On the back side of the card is written: the birthday card is vegan. :) Hahaha. Luck, health, success, and prosperity they wish me. The greatest gift is that I know these people for decades. During all these ups and downs in life we never lost interest in each other. How I love these guys.

Should check Ebay now, should start baking my cake.

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Marie said...

Hi Ursula -
I've noticed that exact same thing about reading newspaper headlines. I can be so sunk in my woe about my "horrible" life or problems. Then I think about all the awful, truly difficult things that others are facing and I feel, like you, better and worse at the same time.

I hope you win the book bid, and that your cake comes out deliciously.