Monday, April 21, 2008

Good practice

Not enough time, OK, this problem I know already.

Somehow the surya namaskaras improve. I try to find the edges. Upward facing dog feels so much better, I even think that I can pull my shoulders a bit back.

Before doing urdhva dhanurasana I visualized it. It was difficult this morning, but I lifted myself up three times, I tried to stretch the legs. Done.

This morning my shoulders hurt, but now I feel better. Is yoga a remedy for everything?

"Why do you not want to go to work", my bf asked me yesterday.
Why, why. Because I feel so much pressure. I know enough methods to reduce the stress, but it comes back all the time. I try to be in the moment. I try to do everything to have enough energy (yoga, enough sleep, healthy food and so forth). But the pressure is there. How shall I accomplish these difficult tasks in the given time? I don't see that I will be able to do it. Nevertheless I had a wonderful weekend with E. I'm recovered and I'm even optimistic now.

I will exercise awareness. I will be aware of my breath and I will enjoy what is. I know that knowing what being relaxed is, is only possible when I also know what pressure is.

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