Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday at lunch time

My favourite colleague came to our corner.

He: Ms W., do we have lunch together?
Me whispering: yes.
He:Let's meet at the entrance of the cantine in 15 min.
Me: OK

(He needs a cigarette before and after the meal.)


He: Do you know that we will soon sit together.
Me: What?
He: Only 3 people shall sit together in the near future. You will come to our office and ....
Me: Who told you?
He: Mr X (the boss)
Me - huge grin
Me: Oh, that's nice.
He: I knew, that you would like it.

It's an improvement to sit with him and with another friendly woman. I don't like to hear "shit" the entire day like now. To be surrounded with discontent people is not so uplifting. But what I didn't say to my colleage. I don't like it to give up my window seat and that's what I will have to do. Then everybody who is walking down the aisles can look at my screen. It is as it is, it's not worth to loose too much energy with such superficialities.

It's always up and down, like in real life.

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