Monday, March 10, 2008

These little blackbirds

I like these little blackbirds, that visit my balcony in the morning in order to drink some water. They watch me like I watch them. They don't fear me, even not when I do fast movements like chakrasana. So modest they are and so sweet.

I had not enough time. The last poses of the middle part of the Ashtanga series are always a bit neglected because of this. After marichyasana c I had to stop. Time was over. This about the too short time frame.

But besides the lack of enough time the practice was very satisfying. Body was soft after the first surya namaskaras. My surya namaskara a and b improved. I move very evenly, focus is upward facing dog. Somtimes I hold this pose for several breaths. I feel tension and flexibility at the same time.

Urdhva dhanurasna - I did it. That's already something. In the morning I do not have any expectations. I'm glad when I can convince me to lift myself up.

The breath: Focus of my awareness shall be the breath today. Perhaps I do not breathe deeply enough during the day. This might be a reason why I feel so tired from time to time.

I will have to go to the new office today. I'm indifferent. It will be a day of unpacking the boxings. We will test the new cantine. And I will be glad when I will be at home again. :)

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