Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shopping tour

It's difficult to find clothes here in Germany. Women are too large here, so are the clothes. I should make it a habit to go twice a year to France to shop there. Finally I found a dress, beige with a brown belt and brown buttons. I liked it. When I paid for it, the cashier said: It's a sportive dress, but on you it looks elegantly. I knew that my decision was a good one.

And I found two journals and a book of course - "The road less travelled" found the way into my bag.


alfia said...

It seems that Germany is a perfect place to shop for me! I am a large woman, currently 76 kg :)
Though considering the state of the dollar, it might be not a very financially sound decision. :(

Ursula said...

Yeah, it might be rather expensive here for you for the time being. We plan to travel to the US this year due to the weak US-Dollar. And then, guess, what I will do?

Tracy said...

Hello Ursula! Thank You for your sweet email..I will email you soon! I wanted to tell you that we were dining in a retaurant last weekend with a friend. The waitress was talking about books with us..and we came upon the subjust of Scott Peck and the book you just bought! I have read the book..many years ago and she was telling us about some of his others that sshe loved as well! Good Choice!! Talk to you soon~
love, Tracy