Sunday, March 16, 2008

A perfect play with the body

The first time I managed it to hook my fingers in pashasana. The left side was better than the right side, but it happened. Ha, was that nice. I blame parivritta parsva konasana for it. I intensified this pose lately - I stretched and twisted the body, used the bandhas when doing this pose and this helped. I also blame my weight for it. I weight 102,30 American pounds. This figure alone makes me crazy, it sounds so high. Here I weight 46,5 kg, that sounds good. I digress. I could bind in pashasana, my fingers found each others. What a success.

Redundant to say that I sweated today. The sentence "even iron is bendy when hot" came into my mind.

Due to my neck pain not everything was possible. I had to stop before eka pada sirsasana. Salamba sarvangasana was difficult, too. To turn the head to the left side is almost impossible. Neck problems are longwinded. I know this from my Bikram experience. To be patient and to accept what is is part of the learning process.

What I did was excellent. Progress could be seen today.

The breath is an issue. My inhaling is too short. It's difficult for me to make it longer or as long as the exhaling. I don't know why. B., my teacher told me the last time that shy people (me?) who give in their lives, can often exhale and exhale and exhale. They have more difficulties to inhale, which can be translated "give me, give me". I don't know if this suits to me. Am I shy?, Do I really give anything?, Am I not possible to take?. Fact is I will have to work on my breath. Pranayama in the evening before dinner would be good. 10 min, only 10 min. 10 min for something that is so essential.

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